Vincent Arel-Bundock

Curriculum Vitae //

I am a political scientist at the Université de Montréal, where I read on comparative and international political economy. I am particularly interested in the politics of foreign direct investment and international taxation. I have also done some work on economic voting, monetary policy, foreign aid, and research methods.



Selected publications

For a full list, please read my CV.

“Do voters benchmark economic performance?” Forthcoming. British Journal of Political Science. (Arel-Bundock, Vincent, André Blais & Ruth Dassonneville) / Pre-print PDF / / Appendix /

“When can multiple imputation improve regression estimates?” Forthcoming. Political Analysis. (Arel-Bundock, Vincent & Krzysztof Pelc) / Gated PDF / / Pre-print PDF /

“The unintended consequences of bilateralism: Treaty shopping and international tax policy.” 2018. International Organization. Volume 71, Issue 2, pp. 349–71. (Arel-Bundock, Vincent) / Gated PDF / / Pre-print PDF /

“Conditional tax competition in the American states.” 2017. Journal of Public Policy. Volume 38, Issue 2, pp.191-220. (Arel-Bundock, Vincent & Srinivas Parinandi) / Gated PDF / / Pre-print PDF /

“The political determinants of foreign direct investment: A firm-level analysis.” 2017. International Interactions. Volume 43 Issue 3, pp.424-52. (Arel-Bundock, Vincent) / Gated PDF / / Pre-print PDF /

“The limits of foreign aid diplomacy: How bureaucratic design shapes aid distribution.” 2015. International Studies Quarterly. Volume 59, Issue 3, pp.544-556. (Arel-Bundock, Vincent, James Atkinson & Rachel Augustine Potter) / Gated PDF / / Pre-print PDF /

“Independent but not indifferent: Partisan bias in monetary policy at the Fed.” 2013. Economics & Politics. Volume 25, Issue 1, pp.1-26.. (Clark, William R & Vincent Arel-Bundock) / Gated PDF / / Pre-print PDF /